Experienced and Professional Addiction Rehab Services

If you are looking for personalized addiction and detox services in Nova Scotia that has many residential programs for drugs and alcohol, then do not hesitate to do a Google search for detox center or addiction services. You are sure to find help for the issues you are currently experiencing.

There are many wellness clinics in Nova Scotia that will understand just how you feel. There are many factors that contribute to addictions and the addiction counsellors believe that treatment is not one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead of using one standard form of treatment, many detox centers in Nova Scotia offer personalized treatment plans that individualize the recovery process.

Some specialize in alcohol or drug addictions, as there are is a great need for this right across Canada. Family involvement is most welcome and only encourages patients to be more connected and involved in the rehabilitation program.

Family Participation in Workshops:

Education regarding Substance Use and Abuse
Support addiction and selfcare
Awareness of the signs and steps that typically lead to relapse.
Interaction with your loved ones in various activities to boost social connectedness.
Training to establish healthy boundaries that fosters independence for your loved one and shifts the onus of responsibility for recovery from the family to your loved one.
Workshop Therapy Sessions Are Important
Many wellness clinics and addiction centers in Canada offer comprehensive workshops for its patients.
In addition to individual addiction counselling, some detox centers offer group therapy sessions facilitated by experienced therapists.

Their will also be an opportunity to learn about drug or alcohol addiction through a series of workshops that have been developed over the last decade bringing together all the essential tools to support you towards a strong recovery.

Addiction Recovery Steps Include The Following:

Triggers, Urges and Cravings: How to recognize and overcome.
The Psychology of Change.
Relapse Prevention Planning.
Recovery Capital.
Goal Setting.
Anxiety explained and methods of coping.
Dealing with Trauma and the effects on our current life.
Healthy Communication styles.
Reconnecting with Family and Friends.
Workplace Re-entry Skills.
Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence.
Emotional Intelligence.
Uncovering the Myths around Anger.
Childhood Experiences and the impact they have on current life.
Rationalizing Irrational Thinking Patterns.
Positive Psychology.
Strengths-based Planning.
Solution-focused Planning.
Medical Treatment and Monitoring
Nova Scotia Addiction Service professionals offer medical assessment, treatment and monitoring provided under the direction of physicians experienced with treating substance use disorders and withdrawal management.
This includes a comprehensive medical and psycho-social assessment – interview, examination, review of pharmacology history and biological evidence. Personalized treatment plans have been developed and driven by results of evidence based diagnostics.

Withdrawal management services under supervised under the direction of a physician with 24-hour monitoring by the healthcare team. The physician and nursing team work in collaboration with the therapeutic team to provide a holistic treatment experience for each recovering addict that include weekly collaborative meetings and team coaching.

Once the patient has recovered from their particular addiction there is a followup discharge assessment, planning and community medical support plan that is put in place.

Healthy Living Is Important To Remaining Sober
Incorporating a health and wellness program into an intensive therapeutic program for substance use / abuse is critical for the overall treatment plan of individuals and to allow them to remain sober long after they have left our wellness detox clinic.

Most addiction rehab professionals understand that paying attention and prioritizing our client’s body, mind and spirit thoroughly has an exceptional affect on long term recovery and is just as important as the therapeutic component. Having the combination of body, mind and spirit create a more comfortable and engaging therapy for clients, where they will acknowledge that overall wellbeing and happiness can come from the simplest things.

Counselling and therapy are key components to an addiction recovery treatment program. Individuals who are in recovery are taught healthy ways to cope with difficult emotions and behaviors. However, it is hard for a malnourished brain and body to fully engage in treatment and learn the necessary tools to heal.

When an individual with addiction problems makes the decision to receive guidance for their drug and or alcohol addiction, he or she will begin a gradual process in order to reach their full recovery potential which includes several steps.

A significant step that sometimes goes unnoticed is the status of the client’s nutritional health. The main priority of the Recreational Therapy Program is to improve and/or maintain physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual functioning in our clients.

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Thank God, Opioid Withdrawal Is Manageable. Take the Detox Route

Opiates or opioids is a class of drugs used to treat moderate pain, which includes drugs like Hydrocodone (Vicodin), Hydromorphone (Dilaudid), Codeine, Heroin, Morphine, Oxycodone (Percocet or Oxycontin), Methadone and Meperidine (Demerol).

These drugs are known as effective painkillers that have been prescribed for the treatment of chronic, non-cancer pain, such as back pain or osteoarthritis. However, the problem is the use of these drugs is associated with dependence, misuse and withdrawal symptoms. Stopping or cutting back on these drugs after for a prolonged period may produce a number of symptoms, a condition called a withdrawal.

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms is the major challenge for people undergoing treatment as it can cause some discomfort and stimulate drug-seeking behaviour patients with chronic, non-cancer pain (CNCP) and opioid use disorder. However, recent studies have suggested detoxification as an effective strategy to complement treatment for opioid addiction:

It is important is a scenario when, according to Results from the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 9.7 million Americans aged 12 or older misused prescription pain relievers in the past year compared with 745,000 people who used heroin. In 2019, the majority of the 9.3 million misusers of prescription pain relievers had misused only prescription pain relievers in the past year, but they had not used heroin.

Rapid Detoxification Methods to Treat Opioid Withdrawal

Detoxification is a healing process aims at the safe discontinuation from a substance of dependence. Depending on the severity of dependence, substance being misused, and the support available to the user, detoxification may usually take from a few days to few weeks to complete, depending on the substance being misused,

Detoxification treatments may be considered to control the intensity of any withdrawal effects while alleviating any possible side effects. However, the primary aim of the process remains to successfully accomplish the withdrawal procedure and targeting sustained abstinence of drug use.

Choosing the Right Detox for Opioid Addiction

The choice of a right strategy for detoxification from opioids is dependent on different factors, including the user’s personal preference and circumstances, degree of dependence, lifestyle and expectations, and concomitant health problems.

The majority of opioid users seek detoxification of opioid drugs (predominantly heroin). The first detox strategy for such users is to substitute opioid prescribing such as buprenorphine or methadone to attain stabilization on a controllable drug, dose and regimen.

In some cases, diamorphine (heroin) administered through injectable or intranasal delivery is also prescribed to attain stabilization. In addition, some modified forms of opioids such as morphine, dihydrocodeine and tramadol may be recommended. Generally, the drug used for maintenance is initiated for detoxification.

It is important to note that detoxification is not a conclusive treatment. In fact, it is a transitional state between abstinence, dependence and/or reduced use. It offers an opportunity for abstinence to complement other treatment modalities to reduce the recovery journey. It is seen as an effective strategy to attain an equilibrium state between the substance user’s needs and preference, methods of administration, choice of medication, and the intensity of keyworking and psychosocial programs.

Research studies suggest that pharmacological treatment can work to treat substance misuse, however it needs to be integrated with psychosocial treatment like detoxification and behavioral therapies. But, like other illnesses, patient’s willingness and cooperation are important determiners in defining the success of a treatment program. And detoxification is no different, especially when it is used to treat people battling mental health issues.

Opioid addiction can be life-threatening condition, including the risk of overdose. Overdose may lead slowed or stopped breathing, which may lead to unconsciousness and death if the overdose is not treated immediately.

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Detox Your Body With These Top Five Ayurveda Spices

If you are health conscious, chances are you’ve heard of the term “detox” or “detoxing” – that terms that usually gives you an impression of getting rid of all the toxin that you have allowed to get inside your own body. These varieties of dietary recipes are supposed to clean us out and give our body a kind of a reboot or a restart.

Sounds healthy right? If that is the case then Ayurveda is one of those approaches that you need to consider.

Ayurveda uses many spices to alter longstanding conditions and maintain health.
Spices cleanse the blood, detoxify the system, reduce mucus and fat and much
more. Using common spices in your cooking and teas is a great way to begin
dietary changes for health.

Here are some spices that can help you detoxify your body:

Turmeric is an antioxidant, Antitumoral, anti-cancerous, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antihepatotoxic. Turmeric is contraindicated during pregnancy and
with gallbladder issues.

2: Ginger
Ginger is best known for digestion. It breaks down proteins relieving gas from the
system. It improves circulation, relaxes muscles surrounding blood vessels and
increases the flow of blood throughout the body. Studies have shown that it helps reduce the levels of bad cholesterol. Dry ginger and fresh ginger have different uses for specific dosha.

3: Cumin
Cumin is an estrogenic, anti spasmodic, diuretic, carminative, stimulate and

4: Coriander:
Coriander is very good for Pitta. Especially for the digestive and urinary systems.
Ayurveda uses it for gastric complaints, chest pain, upper abdominal pain, bladder
infections and as an external poultice for headaches.

5 Fennel:
Fennel is considered one of the most balancing and sattic of all spices. It is a
wonderful herb for digestion, without disturbing Pitta. One tsp. can be taken at mealtime roasted with rock salt. It is calming to the nervous system and promotes mental clarity. It may help promote menstruation and milk flow for nursing mothers. Cumin, coriander and fennel seed tea can be taken daily for balancing of the three doshas.

Using these spices in your everyday cooking is using food as medicine.

“Ayurveda relates to all things – affecting us on all different levels.
Bringing balance as we create space in our lives to discover who it is we are
â��and what it is we need.”

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Some Dangers From Pandemic Fatigue

After, close to two years, it should surprise no one, many are, at the least, tired of this horrendous pandemic, or even, far – more, fatigued, and sick – and- tired of it, and the impact on our lives! However, this should not, and cannot justify, the utter – disregard of some, in terms of respecting the greater good, and abiding by basic, common sense, public health, protective measures! How did this become another, political issue, with so many, apparently putting their personal/ political interests and agenda, first? How many more must get infected, hospitalized, put others, at – risk, and/ or die? Many seniors have lost their battle, as have the immune – compromised, and we still do not know all the potential longer – term ramifications and impacts! Why does this nation, despite its efforts and spending, have, among, the lowest vaccination rates, in the world, among first – tier, developed nations? Everyone is tired of this, and would like, a return to normal, but, the efforts of a minority, harms our overall efforts, and the potential to optimize our efforts! With that in mind,this article will attempt to briefly examine and review this, and why, we must do better.

1) Conspiracy theories: For some reasons, some prefer to believe unfounded, opinions, and accept them, instead of facts. It began with denials, transformed to accusations, and created harmful resistance. Is there anyone, who has not witnessed or experienced the loss of someone close? While, everyone is entitled to an opinion of their own, they are not, to their own set of facts. It is one thing if your actions only harmed you, but quite – another, when it puts others,at – risk!

2) Politics: Why has this become political, like so many, apparently, common sense, issues, have? There is a huge difference between a viable solution,and well – considered, plan, as opposed to blaming and complaining, denials, and stubbornness!

3) Data and science matter: Mike Bloomberg likes to say, “In God We Trust. All others, bring data,.” History shows, it takes a science – based, plan, endorsed and supported by public health, medical, and scientific personnel and experts, to create a meaningful, fact – based, efforts.

4) Mandate resistance: Although we have seen public health mandates, in the past, it seems we are experiencing the most polarized nation, in recent memory! Just because one doesn’t agree, does not mean, he knows more than the experts!

Either, we proceed, in a more unified manner, or we prolong the horrors. Wake up, America, before many others, lose this battle! It’s up to, each of us!

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